Manzana Business Solutions Limited

Based in Surrey, Manzana are the French <-> English specialists, with all your translation and localisation needs in one place.

Working as a team or independently, we manage your English-French projects from beginning to end, offering a one-stop solution to bridge the language gap and ensure that your message is heard, loud and clear.

Who we are

Paul has dual British and French citizenship. An award winning interpreter, he has worked in the language and information technology industries for more than 25 years.

Patricia Sommer is a French national. She has been a professional translator for over 25 years, firstly in-house and subsequently as a freelance.



What we do

Working as a team or independently on translations, interpretations or revisions, we manage your projects from beginning to end.

Offering a one-stop solution to bridge the language gap and ensure that your message is heard, loud and clear.


Why us?

Their journeys may have started from different points, in southern England and Champagne, but their destination was clear from a very early stage.

With nearly two decades running their own language company, they are both confident that they can offer you the very best solution to your translation needs.


En français

Manzana, ce sont deux traducteurs professionnels certifiés qui traduisent dans leur langue maternelle.

Du français vers l’anglais pour Paul Appleyard et de l’anglais vers le français pour Patricia Sommer. Pour plus d’informations ou pour une demande de devis, contactez-nous.


Contacting Manzana

Manzana Business Solutions Ltd is based in Surrey, close to London in southern England. Our working hours reflect this time zone, but please use the contact form here to get in touch and we will usually reply within a couple of hours.


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