Why us?

Paul and Patricia work as an English-French-English team. What began for both of them as a scholarly interest in the other language developed through school and university into a passion and then into their careers.

Their journeys may have started from different points, in southern England and Champagne, but their destination was clear from a very early stage, and with nearly two decades running their own language company, they are both confident that they can offer you the very best solution to your translation needs.

  • We both have degrees in Languagesabilly2015-028_386wide
  • We both have postgraduate translation qualifications
  • We are both members of professional bodies
  • We both believe strongly in Continuous Professional Development and regularly take part in training sessions and conferences.

If you aren’t sure about how to choose your translator, or you aren’t certain that you understand the difference between translation and interpreting, there is a guide to help you, available in several languages including British English, American English and French.