Paul Appleyard – Translation and Interpreting

Localisation: Paul advises companies on all aspects of translation from writing the source text to be translated to implementation of software in the target country.

Interpreting (French <-> English): ad-hoc and conference – business meetings, factory visits, conferences, works councils, etc.

Translation (French into English): With his background in the IT industry, Paul specialises in software and hardware translations (from mainframes to apps), as well as telecommunications, general business and commerce, and general technical texts.

He also offers translations in the catering, viticulture and photography fields, reflecting his wider interests.

Transcriptions: French to English, Paul transcribes audio and video.

Brand analysis

American to British English specialist

Patricia Sommer – Translation and revision

International development specialist: Patricia has been specialising in the humanitarian and international development field for over 15 years and works on a regular basis for many UN agencies, either directly or through specialised agencies, several British NGOs and Translators without Borders. She recently did a presentation on translating for development as part of the Translating for danger zones seminar series.

Recent projects include:

  • Education cluster manual
  • WASH training course
  • Universal health coverage report
  • Sexual violence in Central African Republic
  • Masculinities survey

Other translation interests:

Patricia is a member of the Arts, Media and Tourism network of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting and enjoys translating business videos, scripts and audioguides.

She is also a member of the Food and Drink Network of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting and counts all things culinary as a special interest.

Patricia also translates children’s books and is a member of the Society of Authors and of the Translators Association (TA).

Being full members of the ITI (MITI), Paul and Patricia are both able to certify their own translations with the ITI stamp. Moreover, Patricia is a registered translator with the French Consulate in London.


Translation work is quoted per 1000 words of source text and the exact fee will depend on a number of factors such as subject, target audience and deadline.

Interpreting work is quoted per day or half-day.

Transcriptions, proofreading, American to British English localisation are quoted per hour.

Please note that we are VAT registered.

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